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Virus Zero- Portable Model
This device is smaller and lighter than a commuter mug cup, providing portable air purification that eliminates over 99% of air contaminants. It sets up unobtrusively on a desktop or fits in a car's cup holder and emits harmless, active hydrogen (H) and the oxygen ions (O2-) that surrounds positively charged viruses like H1N1, Corona and MRSA, reacting three hydrogen elements of its protein structure, forming water vapor. The device also neutralizes allergens such as dust mites and dog/cat allergen, tobacco smoke and OH-radical with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by furnishing, some paints and exhaust gas. The safetyness and effectiveness has been tested and proved from academic research organizations around the world. Also, certified by ARB (Air Resource Board) of no ozone emission with compliance of UL 867 standard. This filterless device eliminates the need of clean or replace costly filters and it only produces only 29 decibels of noise; about the same as a quiet whisper. Despite its small size, the air purifier treats up to 231 sq. ft. with using 4 watts only. Plugs into AC and DC with included home and car adapters. ...More Information about these Virus Zero- Portable Model.
PRICE: $ 221.99
More Information about these Virus Zero- Portable Model. More Information about these Virus Zero- Portable Model.


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